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Catering and Beverage Trends...

Updated: Mar 4, 2020


Ditch the Prosecco and skip the buck’s fizz, this year we will all be sipping on lavish pink gin or rum cocktails as our welcome drink of choice. Elegant looking cocktails sporting an indulgent mix of spirits and flavours are taking over the ‘drinks trends’, aiming to woo your guests as they enter the wedding reception.

MORE INTERACTIVE AND A LESS FORMAL SERVICE One of the biggest trends amongst couples getting married, is the desire for more interaction, conversation, and engagement between the guests at their wedding. The concept of wedding catering is changing from a formal service style, with waiters and waitresses serving individual dishes, to a more casual and interactive setting.

Two of the biggest wedding catering trends this year are our bowl and street food. Our bowl food is served in hand-sized bowls and comes ready to eat with a small fork.

The idea behind a bowl food menu is so that guests can stay standing to mingle and have a chat while they eat.

Our interactive live street food is styled to suit your-wedding theme, allowing your guests to enjoy the atmosphere while mixing and mingling in conversation. The menu offers a visual presentation of food being prepared, presented, and served in our stylish boxes which are environmentally friendly, made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials.

From a swinging barbecue, gourmet steak boxes, chip and dip bars, stone baked pizzas and dessert grazing tables, couples are opting for wedding catering that’s fun, relaxed, and adds to the casual ambience which is a source of entertainment for you and your guests, that is becoming more and more valued in weddings.


There's no question that the vegan trend is on the rise, with more and more of us switching to a fully plant-based diet. There has also been a rise in vegan celebratory foods at weddings, tailoring their wedding to fit their ethical beliefs.

Our organic locally sourced products are tailored to reduce allergen focus entirely, where guests can rest assure that their dietary requirements will be taken care of whilst still being able to enjoy a delicious meal.

The core of this trend is creating a menu that works for everyone, so the same experience can be appreciated regardless of dietary requirements or allergies.

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