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Will my wedding go ahead in 2021?

Missed the latest government guidelines as regards to weddings in the UK?

Here is a summary to make sure you're all up to date! It's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction!


8th March - weddings limited to 6 people.

STEP 2: (At least 5 weeks after Step 1)

12th April - weddings limited to 15 people & outdoor hospitality venues open again.

STEP 3: (At least 5 weeks after Step 2)

17th May - weddings can happen up to 30 people.

STEP 4: (At least 5 weeks after Step 3)

21st June - weddings can happen with no legal restrictions on social contact.

These dates are subject to change of course - it depends on the situation progress, vaccination numbers etc, but this great news and it certainly has us feeling hopeful!

And definitely amazing news for all of you who had their weddings scheduled for late summer 2021 and were worried about needing it to move to next year.

Want to explore options for a micro wedding this spring or moving your date please get in touch ASAP so we can secure the new date for you. 01782268200/07785734631

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